Why Investor Schooling? 

We can’t guarantee you will be like Pedro, in the picture , but we do guarantee you will learn a world of knowledge about investing, and how you can make a difference in your personal financial life. These are some of the things you were never taught in school or by your parents. Things like, how having many credit cards can actually build your credit score, how to buy houses with absolutely no money out of your own pocket, how to pay less taxes by using the rules the rich use when they file their tax returns, how the stock market really works, and how you can have financial freedom, if you really want it.


The Real Risk is Doing Nothing!


If you stay where you are now, will it be enough? Will you be able to have the life of your dreams, or even be able to retire when you are ready?

Larry Steinhouse and his team will give you the knowledge to get ahead. Get ready to learn how to make a financial difference in your life and live your dreams.


Larry Steinhouse CEO of Investor Schooling


Larry has a passion for investing in good, profitable properties. Larry specializes in buying properties with little or none of his own money.  His favorite method is buying houses “Subject to” the original mortgage;  a close second is seller financing, and then using “private lenders”.  Larry has even bought houses using credit cards. As a long-term investor in this business, Larry knows his stuff!  As a business coach, Larry has helped people to learn new ways of making any business more profitable. He enjoys helping others learn about money and build real wealth. 


Larry’s other passion is Stock Options. 
A few years ago, Larry created a set of rules for trading options and  it has proven to be very profitable. In just a three year
period, Larry earned almost $750,000.


Larry also specializes in building credit and rebuilding credit scores. After a financial disaster in 2008, Larry filed for bankruptcy and has learned some amazing secrets to rebuilding credit. Using these techniques, Larry has built his available credit lines on credit cards to over a half-million dollars

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